Jason Shilling Kendall: Citizen Astronomer

William Paterson University
Amateur Astronomers Association of New York

William Paterson University

Jason Kendall is adjunct instructor of Astronomy at William Paterson University.

Jason is teaching one section of General Astronomy in the Fall of 2019:

Online Introductory Astronomy Class

CRN: 44146, PHYS 1700-81, Online lectures and laboratory activities.

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Module 11: The Big Bang

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Supplement the videos with readings from "OpenStax Astronomy"

Other Approved Learning Resources for the class

Further Learning and Textbooks (not required.  Just as an FYI.)

Astronomy Lesson 11_05: Large Scale Structure Formation

Large-scale structure formation in the universe is the final pillar in the Hot Big Bang Standard Model. We want to know how galaxy clusters formed, how dark matter came to be where it is. Also, we learn why galaxy cluste[rs have so much hot gas, and how the absorption features in distant quasars came to be. We also see how the dark matter distribution can be mapped by its effect on galaxy's light and on the shape of clusters too. We also see how the Cosmic Microwave Background plays a central role in it all.

Video List

11_01: Cosmic Homogeneity and Isotropy
11_02: The Hot Big Bang
11_02.1: Why Does Cosmic Expansion Cause Redshift?
11_03: The Cosmic Microwave Background
11_04: The First Three Minutes of the Universe
11_05: Large Scale Structure Formation
11_06: The Inflationary Epoch
11_07: The Ultimate Fate of the Universe

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