Jason Shilling Kendall: Citizen Astronomer

William Paterson University
Amateur Astronomers Association of New York

William Paterson University

Jason Kendall is adjunct instructor of Astronomy at William Paterson University.

Jason is teaching one section of General Astronomy in the Fall of 2019:

Online Introductory Astronomy Class

CRN: 44146, PHYS 1700-81, Online lectures and laboratory activities.

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Module 7: Stellar Corpses: White Dwarfs and Neutron Stars

Supplements and Credits

Supplement the videos with "OpenStax Astronomy"

01: White Dwarf Stars

White dwarfs are the end state of most stars around the mass of the Sun. They have amazing properties.

02: Novae and Supernovae Type Ia

White dwarf stars can cause sudden outbursts called novae, and even do a special kind of supernova.

03: Neutron Stars

Neutron stars are the most extreme objects in the universe composed of what we might still call normal matter. Black holes are another thing. These boundary objects have wild properties and have extreme effects on their surroundings. Forged in the instantaneous fire of a core-collapse supernova, they are awesome objects.

04: Pulsars, X-ray Binaries and Kilonovas

Neutron stars make themselves known by their spin. They create a huge magnetic dynamo that powers the emissions seen in X-rays and gamma-rays. They can also do similar thing like we saw with novae, but with much more extreme results.

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