Jason Shilling Kendall: Citizen Astronomer

William Paterson University
Amateur Astronomers Association of New York

William Paterson University

Jason Kendall is adjunct instructor of Astronomy at William Paterson University.

Jason is teaching one section of General Astronomy in the Fall of 2019:

Online Introductory Astronomy Class

CRN: 44146, PHYS 1700-81, Online lectures and laboratory activities.

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Module 5: Star Formation and Birth

Supplements and Credits

Supplement the videos with "OpenStax Astronomy"

01: Stellar Evolution Overview

Let's just start with a short overview of this whole section.

02: The Phases of the Interstellar Medium

We define what the interstellar medium is and some objects within it.

03: Giant Molecular Clouds

There are behemoth clouds of gas out of which stars form. What are they?

04: HII Regions and Star Forming Regions

HII regions are very pretty to see in the sky, but they also are the places where stars are created.

05: Protostars

Protostars are embryonic stars. They are stars before they are stars.

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