Jason Shilling Kendall: Citizen Astronomer

William Paterson University
Amateur Astronomers Association of New York

Inwood Star Fest

A Celebration of Astronomy in New York City

Friday, April 3rd, 8:00 PM to 10:30 PM All of the Park Lights Were Turned Off!

This Was the First Time in New York City History that a Park's Lights Were Darkened for Astronomy.

Thanks to everyone who showed and braved the rain and the clouds. In spite of the bad weather we had 50 people at the entrance at 8pm, and about 30 more people walked through during the evening. The skies cleared in patches at 10:00 PM for about 20 minutes. We were able to see Saturn quite well through the scopes, as well as great Moon images. Thanks to the Parks, everyone who showed and the intrepid amateurs who braved quite a night with their equipment.

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Photo by Roni Mocan

Made possible by the generous support of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. Tied in with the 100 Hours of Astronomy Cornerstone Project of the International Year of Astrononmy, New York City is making a great foray into science education and astronomy outreach. Thanks to the perserverance and vision of the New York City Parks, the stars will only be a subway ride away.

Up Up Up in the Sky

A Special Performance of "Up Up Up in the Sky", written and Composed by Donna Stearns, an official song of the International Year of Astronomy. The singers for this special performance of "Up Up Up in the Sky" were Donna Stearns, Brady Amoon, Megan Cooper, Floryn Glass, Matt Gordon, Jason Holtham, Brendan Rothman-Hicks and Eric Vetter.


I would like to personally thank all of the following people and groups for their support and their work which made this event a reality. The Amateur Astronomers Association of New York, specifically Rich Rosenberg, the President of the AAA, and the entire Board of Directors. The New York City Parks department, specifically Commissioner Castro, Jennifer Hoppa and Linda Huntington for their vision, persistence and perserverance. Jeremy Smerd and The New York Times. New York FOX 5's Melissa Magee and New York FOX 5 News. Columbia University Astronomy Outreach program with Cameron Hummels and Robert Morehead. Dr. Donald Lubowich, who gave me a great opportunity and helped set my feet on this path. Holly Barton and the American Museum of Natural History. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, New York State Assemblymember Herman D. Farrell, Jr., New York State Assemblymember Adriano Espaillat, New York State Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal (who introduced Light Pollution Abatement legislation!), New York State Senator Eric T. Schneiderman Congressman Charles B. Rangel, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and Senator Charles Schumer. Also, I would like to thank The New York Public Library and Head Librarian Judy Rodriguez of the Inwood Branch for her belief and support in me. Also fellow neighborhood astronomers Bruce Kamiat, Andre Stevens, Howard Fink and Elvin Garcia. Connie Vasquez, Dan Pinkus, The Piper's Kilt, Dr. Steven Tushman, Dr. Kevin Marvel. Dr. James Pierce, Dr. Jon Hakkila, Dr. Angela Speck, Dr. Jack Burns, Dr. Christi Whitworth, The entire group at the International Dark Sky Association, and the American Astronomical Society. Also, Leo Smith, Dougas Arion, Andrea Schweitzer, Connie Walker, Stephen Pompea, Doug Isbell, Kristina Harding, Susana Deusta, J. Holtham and the entire U.M.E. Gang, and all the Astronomy Singers, The Big Bangers: Matt Gordon, Eric Vetter and Clara Barton Green. Donna Smith, Nancy Bruning, Mike Robinson, Larry and Lindel Furtsch, David Teich, Yianni and Ali Stamas, Amy Fass, Sacha Tomic. I would also like to thank my employer Cantor-Fitzgerald/BGC Partners for their support through the years, and in particular my managers Matt Wyant and Ankush Rai. And most importantly, my lovely and talented wife Donna Stearns. Without her love, help and support, this would be impossible.

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