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Introductory Astronomy Videos

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Full Video Series

Below are 14 Modules of videos, all hosted on YouTube, which will take you through an entire introductory, college-level astronomy class.

Module 1: Foundations of Observational Astronomy: The Moon, the Seasons, and Mapping the Sky.

Module 2: The History of Gravity and of Astronomy

Module 3: Relativity and Gravity

Module 4: Atoms and Light: The Interaction and Nature of Light and Matter

Module 5: Telescopes: the Tools of Astronomy

Module 6: The Sun: Measuring and Understanding the Closest Star

Module 7: Measuring the Properties of the Distant Stars

Module 8: Star Formation and Birth

Module 9: Stellar Evolution and Death

Module 10: White Dwarfs, Novae and Neutron Stars

Module 11: Black Holes and Gravitational Waves

Module 12: The Milky Way

Module 13: Galaxies in the Cosmos

Module 14: Big Bang Cosmology: the Origin and Fate of the Universe