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Module 6: The Sun: Measuring and Understanding the Closest Star

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01: The Sun's Bulk Properties

In this little interlude, we chat about the bulk properties of the Sun, and some other interesting factoids. Mass, Volume, Density, Temperature, and otherl things that relate to the Sun as a whole.

02: The Sun's Surface Appearance

Here we learn all about what the Sun looks like! Prominences, Flares, Sunspots, Ejections! It's a much more active place than you think. It's also mesmerizing, like looking at a fire while camping.

03: The Core of the Sun

Herein we discuss the core of the Sun and its conditions. The core of the Sun is where all of the action begins. It contains the conditions we find in all stars on the Main Sequence.

04: Energy Transport in the Sun

Here we learn how energy moves around in the Sun, and take a peek at the basic equations of stellar structure.

05: What Powers the Sun?

Here we learn how the Sun shines, and how long it will shine, as well as some of the great questions of 19th century Physics. We'll also see what your smile looks like when you get a Nobel Prize.

06: The Solar Neutrino Problem

Here we learn how the Standard Model of Physics was tested, and how the existence of fusion in the core of the Sun was actually determined. This led to two Nobel Prizes, and a lot of dry-cleaning fuild down a deep, deep hole.