Jason Shilling Kendall

Jason Kendall

I'm an adjunct instructor of Astronomy at William Paterson University. I am also the "Astronomy Liaison Coordinator" at WPU. This means I create do public events at WPU about current news in Astronomy, Physics and other sciences. I've taught introductory Astronomy at WPU since 2011. I try to make my class innovative and interesting, featuring unique assignments and activities. I've also created a series of over 100 videos covering most of introductory Astronomy. These videos are rigorous enough to be possibly used as a low-level, self-taught Astrophysics class.

My love of Astronomy started way back in the fourth grade by the encouragement of two noted astronomers, Charles Schweighauser and Bart Bok. I saw Saturn through Charlie's telescope at then Sangamon State University on a clear Illinois night, and Bart encouraged me under those stars to study hard to come visit him at Kitt Peak National Observatory. I finally did make it down there about a decade after Bart passed away, and I found the favorite spots in Tucson, Arizona, where Bart and his wife Priscilla would spend when they were not gazing at the stars. Bart and his wife were pioneers in the study of the Milky Way, and their studies of the starforming regions called Bok Globules. It's even in my family. My great-grandfather was a Midwestern minister who used to preach his sermons out under the dark, cloudless nights. He always believed that getting out and experiencing the wonders of the natural world was a central part of being human. My family has always been inspired by his words: "We look up to look within." Join me under the stars.

Jason Kendall

We look up to look within

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